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Sunday, August 28, 2005

"The work was well done."

This is a great story. The media definitely needs to do more.

Yahoo News: Salvadoran Soldier Defends Role in Iraq---

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador - It was dangerous at times, as servicemen fired their guns in the air to warn against possible attacks. But for at least one Salvadoran soldier — whose countrymen are the only Latin American soldiers left in Iraq — the six months he spent helping to build schools, drinking-water systems and clinics in Iraq were worth the time away from his family.

In an interview with The Associated Press upon returning home, Lt. Jose Rivera recalled how the Iraqi people would offer the soldiers tea and call them friends. The children would greet them with hugs.

"The public works projects benefit humble Iraqis, among them children, and that was really gratifying and kept us from questioning our mission," he said.

Rivera and 379 other Salvadoran soldiers spent six months in southern Iraq, stationed with 1,700 troops from nine countries at the multinational base Camp Charlie. They focused on reconstruction projects.

"There is still so much need, so much work to do," Rivera said, adding he was glad a fresh batch of soldiers sent to replace him and others would continue the work on rebuilding bridges, roads and public buildings.
Of course, to hear the Liberal MSM tell it, none of this is taking place---it is only bombs, death, and destruction according to them.

He said the other troops shared his belief that it was important to help rebuild Iraq, and they ignored international criticism that it was time for them to pull out of the country.

Since August 2003, El Salvador's government has been one of the staunchest U.S. allies, sending five missions that included health, construction, communications and security experts — some of whom have drawn on experience from El Salvador's 12-year civil war.
Thank you, El Salvador!

"As the days wore on, you realize that the Iraqis need so much and have a strong affinity for the Salvadorans. They always greeted us with the word 'sadiqi' Salvador," which he said means "My Salvadoran friend."

"We had translators, but in the end the warmth and collaboration overcame that barrier. They were truly our friends," he said.

Rivera said he's proud of the work he did in Iraq.

"As a soldier, and as a person, I'm happy to have completed the mission I was given and glad to see in the faces of the Iraqis that they are satisfied," he said. "The work was well done."
Rivera and everyone else who has served in Iraq have the right to be proud because they have, for the most part, served with honor and dignity. They have freed millions and millions of people. The world would do well to show its appreciation.

And, what would a liberal MSM story be without this?:

More than 1,800 members of the U.S. military have died since the Iraq war started in March 2003.
Just one random sentence, in a story about a Salvadoran soldier. No surprise.