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Friday, August 26, 2005

CNN's Boob Tube

The other day CNN's Jonathan Klein called Fox News' coverage "meaningless nonsense."

You can read my post here.

Now, the New York Post's Page Six has a great little tidbit on CNN.

August 26, 2005 -- CNN president Jon Klein should watch his own network before he complains to the New York Times about Fox News Channel being "meaningless nonsense." On Monday — the day before Klein was quoted in the Times — CNN's Larry King (above) interviewed busty Pamela Anderson. King asked Anderson a whopping 13 questions about her breasts, including, "What size [are your breasts]?" and, "They expand on camera?" A Fox insider snickered, "King only got 926,000 viewers, proving that nothing on CNN can get a rating — news or trash. Maybe if she took her top off, they would have had higher ratings." A rep for CNN said: "Jon believes that Larry has earned the right to pick his own topics."