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Sunday, August 28, 2005

On the Iraqi Constitution

This has been a "story" for a few days now: Top Sunnis Criticize Draft Constitution. And also blah blah blah: "it is taking too long," "it is going to fail," "the Sunnis are going to leave," "Iraq is headed for civil war," etc., etc.

I'm rather tired of hearing about all that. The Iraqis (the Iraqis!) are writing their constitution---democratically, with liberty. Isn't that the important thing?

And it really hasn't been that long of a wait. They only just voted at the end of January. They only just deposed the tyrant, Saddam Hussein.

The Sunnis really have no right to complain, since many of them decided not to vote.

Dear Sunnis,
That's how it is in a DEMOCRACY. If you don't vote, don't complain.

And as for it taking a long time, the US didn't just write the Constitution in one day. These sorts of important, historical events/documents take time.

Take a look at this timeline for our Constitution.

4 July 1776---Declaration of Independence

15 November 1777---Articles of Confederation proposed

1 March 1781---Articles of Confederation ratified (that's about 3 1/2 years after they were proposed and 5 after the Declaration!!---if the Libs had been around then, we'd be part of Britain today!)

11 April 1783---we declare the hostilities over (the hostilities weren't over yet! Imagine if the liberals had been there!)

14 January 1784---Treaty of Paris officially ends the war (Goodness, almost a year after hostilities were over!)

25 May 1787---Constitutional Convention (That is 11 years after the Declaration. 11 Years!!! What a failure!)

17 September 1787---Final draft of the Constitution sent to Congress (you mean it took almost 4 months to come up with a final draft??? What a failure!)

21 June 1788---Constitution ratified (9 months to ratify it!)

4 March 1789---Constitution goes into effect (Goodness! That's almost a year later! What took so long?)

25 September 1789---Amendments 1-10 passed (What took them so long to think of them???)

15 December 1791---Amendments 1-10 ratified (Over 2 years later!)

And look how well the US has turned out. We have the most brilliant Constitution ever (though some people pretend there are things in it that just aren't!). Shouldn't we give the Iraqis a little more time to do what they need to before declaring it a failure? They are only just new to democracy, after all those years of true, true tyranny. King George III was no where near Saddam Hussein.

Let's show some patience.