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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Napoleon's Sword Sells for $6.4 Million

AP: Napoleon's sword sold for $6.4 million---

FONTAINEBLEAU, France - A gold-encrusted sword Napoleon wore into battle in Italy 200 years ago was sold Sunday for more than $6.4 million, an auction house said.

The last of Napoleon's swords in private hands, it has an estimated value of far less — about $1.6 million, according to the Osenat auction house managing the sale.

Applause rang out in a packed auction hall across the street from one of Napoleon's imperial castles in Fontainebleau, a town southeast of Paris, when the sword was sold.

Osenat did not identify the buyer, but said the sword will remain in Napoleon's family, which had put it up for sale. The auction house did not immediately elaborate on the details.
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And in other news, Napoleon runs for parliament seat. Seriously. Right now.

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