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Friday, June 08, 2007

Dump Lindsey Graham

Over at the Washington Times, I saw a link to a new blog:

Dump Lindsey Graham

The first post is an open letter to the R.I.N.O. Senator from South Carolina:

We are reduced to this: we now BEG YOU to represent us. You have lost your way in Washington, and consider this, if you will, an intervention. We have reasoned with you, we have threatened you, we have cajoled you, we have prodded you. Now, we reach the end of our collective rope, and we beg, plaintively, that you open your eyes, see the error of your ways, and begin to do what you have, so far, refused to do: represent the interests and views of those who elected you to serve them: South Carolinians.

We will start with a basic truth: you are not smarter than the rest of us. You don't believe it, but it is true. You have done well in life, but you have also had a tremendous amount of help, much of it from the very people you have now turned your back on. You are not intellectually superior to the folks in Central, SC, or South Carolinians in general. So, stop, STOP, telling us that we just don't understand. We DO understand. We understand very well. We understand that we elected you to represent us in Washington, and you have, so far, failed miserably to do that. WE UNDERSTAND!
The post continues with "your path to redemption, your recovery plan, your "detox", if you will."

Let's hope he minds it.

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