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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Colluding With The Enemy . . .

. . . makes you the enemy.

Via Michelle Malkin (who has done a ton of liveblogging on the dark and dirty deeds going on in the Senate Chamber):

From the Washington Times Insider Politics Blog:

Stephen Dinan, our excellent national political reporter who has led the way for months on coverage of immigration legislation, captured this priceless moment in his story this morning as the supporters of the bill struggled to keep it together.

The late-night vote was on an amendment that would require illegal aliens who get legal status to have a minimum level of health insurance. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who is the chamber’s most liberal member, was — not surprisingly — opposed.

Writes Mr. Dinan: “Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona both went to check with Mr. Kennedy before casting their votes to match his. Soon after, (Arizona Republican Sen. Jon) Kyl also switched his vote to match Mr. Kennedy’s.”

The amendment was defeated.

All three of these Republicans proudly claim to be conservatives. Strange bedfellows indeed.
(emphasis added)

With "representatives" like these, who needs the Democrats to oppose us?

(Visit Hot Air to see Lindsey Graham having a temper tantrum like a thwarted 7-year-old---hilarious.)

Michelle wrote:

Readers are e-mailing that they are having trouble getting through to their representatives. Just a reminder that the amnesty hotline set up by open-borders activists is still working.

Just ignore the propaganda and you should be connected quickly to your senators:

Call or e-mail!

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