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Friday, June 08, 2007

In Other News

While everyone is talking about Paris Hilton, Michelle Malkin is still reporting on some very important things.


Despite our defeat of the Amnesty Bill yesterday (yes, we should all take credit), it probably isn't dead yet. After all, President Bush is basically saying, "Viva la amnistía!. We must keep the pressure on.

And about General Peter Pace, our Chairman of the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff: he's being forced out (as is Vice-Chairman Adm. Ed Giambiastiani). I saw Secretary Gates' press conference this morning, where he appointed a new Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Gates consulted members of Congress who basically said Pace should retire because he's too connected to Iraq, etc. That's complete crap and Gates didn't seem to happy about the political blackmail either. Poor General Pace was there and I just wanted throw something at the screen. What a disgraceful way to treat such an admirable man. He deserves better than a kick out the door.

Guess where! San Francisco would be right. CodePink, Global Exchange and Veterans for Peace, and Chapter 69 are all trying to keep the Blue Angels out of SF during Fleet Week. Hey, why not just keep Fleet Week out of SF? Perhaps the money all those sailors bring in should go to a city more welcoming.

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