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Friday, June 08, 2007

It's So Right

While I was eating my lunch, I was watching the Fox News coverage of Paris Hilton's jail-break and court appearance. Ann Coulter was on with Neil Cavuto and much to my great surprise, I completely disagree with her opinion on the matter.

I think that Paris was appropriately sentenced, considering her probation violations, and am very glad that the judge has ruled she will now serve all 45 days in jail.

Come on, she is put on probation, which she violates twice. Then she is late to her hearing, where she is sentenced to 45 days, which the Sheriff immediately drops to 23 days. When she begins to serve it, she spends three days there and finds she isn't enjoying it (imagine that!), and he sends her home. Why not just send her to Las Vegas to have fun?

It was very wrong of Sheriff Baca to release her after only a few, short days in jail and put her on house arrest in her mansion. What a hard way to pay consequences (See here.). According to the Smoking Gun, the Los Angeles officials have received thousands of e-mails from ordinary citizens, outraged over the Celebrity Treatment Paris Hilton has received. You can read some of the letters there.

And the reason: she's ill or suffering from poor mental health?!? That's ridiculous. How many sick and crazy people are in that jail---still in that jail---despite their diseases/mental illnesses? We don't let people out of jail, when they have been properly tried and convicted and sentenced, just because they are ill or crazy. Jails/prisons have medical facilities just for these sorts of situations.

So, today, she has a court hearing, which she arrives at late, and the judge, thankfully, throws the book at her: she'll be serving all 45 days.

Ann Coulter thinks this is taking the celebrity treatment too far the other way, but others on the panel with Neil Cavuto, including Fox News business analyst Dagen McDowell, think that that celebrities ought to be held to a high standard. I agree. Paris Hilton thinks she's fabulous and all that is wonderful, just because she's rich and famous (because she's rich and slutty and blonde), and she needs to understand that no one is above the law. It shouldn't matter how much money you have or how famous you are.

I agree that Paris ought to be made an example of. She and her little fellow slutty-drunk friends (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, etc.) need to grow up and face their consequences. They get away with anything they want: drinking under age, driving while drunk, etc., etc., etc. This has to stop and Paris being forced to pay the consequences is a good place to start.

Of course, she doesn't think so:

Paris Hilton was taken from a courtroom screaming and crying Friday seconds after a judge ordered her returned to jail to serve out her entire 45-day sentence for a parole violation in a reckless driving case.

"It's not right!" shouted the weeping Hilton. "Mom!" she called out to her mother in the audience.
(emphasis added)

No, Paris, what's not right is you getting to leave jail early just because you're sad! Wah, wah! What's not right is people being killed by drunk drivers who weren't sentenced to jail after being caught and ended up killing people. Paris didn't hurt anyone . . . this time, but there's always a next time. Pray she's learned her lesson.

I heard Greta Van Susteren, who was in the court room, on Fox News earlier saying that anyone who saw Paris would have known that she obviously needed medical attention. Too bad. Immature children often seem to be under psychological distress when they are upset; that sort of behavior is rightly known as a "temper tantrum." Children throw them when they don't get their way and they are sad and angry. That doesn't mean Paris shouldn't be made to accept the consequences of her actions. Perhaps, in the future, she'll think before she drives drunk, violates her probation, shows up late for court, or accepts special treatment (in regards to the law, that is, as, obviously, she's treated specially everywhere for some silly reason). And let's not even talk about Geraldo Rivera who was behaving as though poor Paris was being guillotined for her crimes. Please!

This situation only serves to remind us all that everyone, regardless of how wealthy or poor, ought to follow the law and be given the appropriate consequences. I hope all those silly teenage girls who want to emulate Paris and Britney and Nicole and Lindsay look at Paris in jail and realize that the same thing will happen to them if they decide to drink and drive.

Mostly, I hope that her 45 days in jail will help Paris Hilton grow up. She is an immature, skanky child and needs to stop acting like she's so important and fabulous and God's Gift to the world. She isn't, though she is God's child. Pray that she learns to listen to Him.

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