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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Illegal Immigration Is NOT Like A Box of Chocolates

From Christi at CommonSenseAmerica:

We know exactly what we are getting . . .

Even though our elected officials try to sell us a clean bill of sale on all of the “hardworking illegal aliens” and the media tiptoes ever-so-gingerly around this issue, we know. And make no mistake, our elected officials know - they’re just hoping we won’t notice.

So what do we know?

We know that in less than a decade nearly one million sex crimes have been committed by illegal aliens in the United States.

We know that a helpless four-year-old girl was molested and then strangled to death by an illegal alien after he snuck back into our nation after being deported.

We know that women are being raped and sodomized by human smugglers and at times, even by the Mexican border patrol.

We know that city after city in America is under the attack of lawsuits for simply trying to do the job our government won’t do.

We know that an American pro-illegal amnesty Senator is married to an illegal alien and has managed to have her deportation order lifted while one of our Governors has illegal aliens mowing his lawn.

We know that the MSM has done its best to cover up the illegal status of any person committing the crimes they report and have now begun taking up collections for illegal aliens without informing donors of their illegal status.

We know that our government twiddles its thumbs as a known fugitive sits in a Chicago Methodist church and thumbs her nose at the laws of our nation.

We know that we have lost numerous police officers and park rangers and even a Marine on leave, and continue to lose them, at the hands of illegal aliens.

We know that while some of our border inspectors and border patrol agents are becoming as corrupt as their Mexican counterparts, some are being unfairly imprisoned for simply doing their job.

We know that unscrupulous contractors hire illegal aliens to undercut legitimate contractors who employ American workers.

We know that anyone that has the courage to speak out against any of this is violently silenced.

And, more important than all of the above, we know about all of the forgotten Americans because as we build a memorial to the 2,996 victims of 9/11, we have shamefully failed to recognize that every year over 9,000 Americans are murdered at the hands of illegal aliens.

No politician seems to have the nerve, the stomach, or the courage to speak out for these American losses. No one reports about the magnitude of their deaths in our media. No one builds them a memorial. Only their family and friends are left to grieve over losses that should have never been allowed to happen had our elected officials lived up to their oath to the American citizen.

Over 9,000 American lives lost every year to illegal aliens. Over 9,000 forgotten Americans.

And while the MSM reports about every single American military casualty overseas, they can’t seem to bring themselves to report about the deaths, rapes, robberies, stolen identifications, and child molestations that are victimizing American citizens on a daily basis as a result of illegal aliens.

This is our nation. This is our home. Our elected officials have deemed it appropriate to hand out millions of front door keys to total strangers with no questions asked while, at the same time, expecting the American taxpayer to cover any and all costs incurred. And many, many of us have paid with our lives, our security, and even our children’s innocence.

Our elected officials seemed to believe that we were intelligent enough to put them into the offices they now occupy but that we are too ignorant to see the massive cover up of their failure to enforce our immigration laws. And with the blood of American citizens on their hands they wish to, once again, cover their own failures by throwing in the towel, as they did in 1986, while telling us that it is the noble and compassionate thing to do.

But there is one more thing that we know, and this is something none of us should ever forget; even though they may hold the key to our borders, we still hold the key to every office in Washington, and to each and every office across this nation.

So now that we know, what will we do about it?

Those who have broken our immigration laws should not be rewarded with citizenship. A ‘legal path to citizenship’ for any person who has entered this country ‘illegally’ is the most insane foreign policy any nation could adopt.

Please join us in demanding justice for the forgotten Americans and an end to illegal immigration and amnesty - under any guise.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.**

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