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Friday, August 19, 2005

This is a great idea

Yahoo News: Boston to Gauge Stones' Decibel Level---

BOSTON - While fans are rocking to the Rolling Stones inside Fenway Park, police officers armed with noise meters will be positioned outside the ballpark Sunday night.

If the noise surpasses 70 decibels on the surrounding streets, Patricia Malone, director of the Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing, will be alerted, and she will tell concert host Clear Channel to turn it down.

It's all part of the city's efforts to minimize the impact of the Fenway concerts — now in their third year — on the neighborhood.

"It's something they've done for the past two concerts, and I've asked them to do it for this concert as well," Malone told The Boston Globe.
They should really start doing this everywhere that concerts might have an impact on neighborhoods. It isn't right that loud music from blocks away keeps the taxpayers who are trying to sleep peacefully in their own homes, awake late into the night.

I wish the City of Spokane AND Gonzaga University would be more aware of this sort of thing.