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Thursday, August 18, 2005

This is horrible

On Fox News, I'm watching the Israeli troops assault their own people. Right now, Jewish settlers have barricaded themselves inside a synagogue. The soldiers are firing a water cannon at a few people on the roof, one, a man holding the Israeli flag.

Why are these people being evicted from their homes? To feed the monster that is the Palestinian rage? This will not stop Palestinian terrorism. All this does is hurt innocent Israelis.
The protestors at Kfar Darom were throwing paintballs, broken lightbulbs and other makeshift weapons at the troops as they readied to enter the synagogue.

The history of Kfar Darom goes back to before the existence of Israelis in the 1940s as settlers there held off the Egyptian army.

"The closest thing to Kfar Darom in the United States is the Alamo. Imagine pulling people out of this place," Dore Gold, the former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, told FOX News. "They are heroes of Israel and we owe them a great deal after they are pulled out of their homes."
The other day I watched a report about the whole thing. It showed Israelis and their soldiers crying together.

This pullout of Gaza solves nothing, but, rather, creates new problems. Wasn't this what the Nazis did? Evict Jews from their own homes?

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A large banner draped over the facade read: "For the Lord will not abandon His people or abandon His land."
Do say some prayers for these Israelis.