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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stop the ACLU Thursday

What about the baby's rights?

Apparently the ACLU doesn't care about this question, because the ACLU certainly doesn't care about babies.

You see, the ACLU prefers "reproductive rights", rather than Right to Life.

Take this case, for example.

A "female" in Easton, MD, by name of Kelly Cruz "was accused of endangering a child by using cocaine while she was pregnant."

Cruz "was charged in February, about a month after giving birth to a premature baby boy who tested positive for cocaine."

But guess what organization is fighting for her right to do such a thing.

If you guessed the ACLU, then you were right.

This is how their twisted minds reason:

Defense attorneys had sought an acquittal, arguing there was never a risk of harm to another person -- because a fetus doesn't meet the definition of a person under state law. But a Talbot County judge ruled that the person who suffered the risk was the baby after it was born.

ACLU attorneys said prosecuting women for their actions during pregnancy is unprecedented elsewhere in Maryland and claim it is an attempt to create a new crime by charging pregnant women for harming their fetuses.
"Never a risk of harm to another person," huh? I think the ACLU lawyers ought to go visit some crisis nurseries, where people care for the babies born of drug- and alcohol-addicted mothers. Obviously no harm was done to the babies---oh, other than these characteristics and behaviors:

-small for gestational age or small in stature in relation to peers;
-facial abnormalities such as small eye openings;
-poor coordination;
-hyperactive behavior;
-learning disabilities;
-developmental disabilities (e.g., speech and language delays);
-mental retardation or low IQ;
-problems with daily living;
-poor reasoning and judgment skills;
-sleep and sucking disturbances in infancy.

Infants whose mothers took drugs during their pregnancy may go through withdrawal at birth. Symptoms may range from mild to severe. They include hyperactivity, sleep and feeding problems, a high-pitched cry, fussing, breathing problems, diarrhea, vomiting, and convulsions. For mild symptoms, treatment may include oxygen if there is trouble breathing. Gentle handling, frequent feedings, and quiet, cozy surroundings are also helpful. Severe symptoms may require drug therapy as well. Infants with drug withdrawal may be more prone to respiratory distress and sudden infant death syndrome. These infants should be watched closely. Their long-term development may also be affected. (emphasis added)
And the whole "prosecuting women for their actions during pregnancy is unprecedented elsewhere in Maryland" argument is ridiculous. If a woman's unborn child is killed in a car accident, then, does that mean the woman has no legal basis for pressing charges against the person who hit her car? Does that mean a pregnant woman is allowed to do anything she wants---anything at all?

Apparently the answer is yes. The ACLU and the Libs already believe this to be entirely allowable. Abortion on demand is their sacrament. If a mother cannot even take drugs into her own body when she wants to, then how can their sacrament remain?

Further, if a woman is pregnant when she murders someone else (not counting the baby) and then blames the hormones, is that alright? After all, the ACLU lawyers argued against "prosecuting women for their actions during pregnancy." So, can they steal, smoke crack, murder other people, drive recklessly and while intoxicated, burn down houses, break into businesses, etc.? If not, then why not?

This is the sort of disgusting behavior the ACLU condones and supports and encourages. This country would be far better off if we could rid ourselves of this heinous institution.

To join in the efforts to Stop the ACLU and read today's Blogburst (or join yourself), please visit Stop the ACLU.