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Friday, July 15, 2005

The City Council Sucks

I was reading the paper this morning, the Spokesman-Review (we call it the Socialist-Review), and got to the Region Section.

The top story was Challenge to partner benefits misses goal. You see, some Libs on the City Council here in Spokane has decided that gay partners of City employees ought to have benefits---paid for by the taxpayers of the City of Spokane! Oh, and they weren't asking us, the taxpayers, first.

So, some fabulous, good, moral taxpayers decided to create a referendum petition to stop this usurpation of our tax money. Today's story is about how the referendum fell short by 121 signatures. (Wait, Christine Gregoire got to be governor with only, what, 131 votes? In this state, 121 ought to count.)

The domestic partner benefits ordinance was scheduled to take effect June 11 but was put on hold when referendum supporters submitted their petitions on June 8. That was the deadline set by the city charter, so it's not possible for them find another 121 valid signatures to make up the deficit.

Assistant City Attorney Mike Piccolo said the ordinance will go into effect as soon as the city receives formal notice from the county that the signature campaign was insufficient.
The thing is, the City of Spokane has had to make huge budget cuts this year. The library hours are ridiculously reduced. Firemen and police officers have been laid off, which compromises our safety.

And they want to spend more money on condoning immoral behavior?

I was further amazed that this story was further down the page: City faces $6 million shortfall.

Spokane city government is facing the prospect of closing a fire station, laying off police and reducing library hours in 2006 under a cash shortfall of nearly $6 million in the general tax fund.

Potential cuts would follow deep slashes in service from 2004 to 2005. Top officials said Thursday there is no sign of any turnaround in future years, and they may need to ask voters for a tax increase during this fall's election.

If you live in Spokane, please let the Mayor and City Council know how you feel about this immoral and disgusting use of our money. Here is the website feedback page.

Here are the e-mail addresses: