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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dirty Campaign Tactics?

November 2, 2006
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Character assassination, smear tactics, and aggressive verbal assaults have turned the Virginia Senatorial campaign into one of the dirtiest in history. These methods are destroying our democratic process and making America a laughing stock around the globe.

-researcher, columnist & author Kathleen Antrim

Washington, DC—With a birds-eye-view, Kathleen Antrim has watched the Virginia Senatorial campaign diminish into nothing more than a mudslinging fest bent on destroying Senator George Allen’s career. From 30-year-old allegations of racism against Allen to the graphic sexual content in Webb’s novels, Antrim exposes the shocking underbelly of politics.

Antrim elaborates, “The American public is tired of hearing negative political jabs designed to destroy the opposition. Instead of offering solutions for America’s problems and a brighter vision for tomorrow, political spin doctors are concentrating on ‘digging up dirt’ on their opposition. This tactic forces the candidates away from the issues Americans care about because they are so busy defending their character. When did the issues stop being the priority in our elections?”

Antrim addresses a few of the character assassinations being hurled in the media spotlight, such as: Is Allen a racist? After 18 months of intensive research on Allen (including hundreds of hours of taped interviews and traveling with Allen, his family and his staff) for a biography, Antrim reveals “A rebellious young man, Allen challenged authority and bucked the establishment, but his heroes where the talented athletes his father coached. Many of these athletes are black and men whom Allen considers to be family. To try to paint Allen a racist is absurd.

Conversely, should Allen’s opponent, James Webb, be judged on the writing in his novels? As an author of a best-selling fictional political thriller, and a large body of nonfiction works Antrim believes the answer is a resounding YES. Predominantly, because Webb himself has declared that being an author and a novelist is one of his most defining characteristics and a qualification to becoming a senator. Also, it is a reality that all writers are judged by what they choose to publish. It does provide insight into who we are and what we care about.

Antrim’s combination of expertise in both fiction and nonfiction writing, along with over a year and a half as an independent insider in the Allen camp, make her the only “go to” expert on Allen and the Virginia senatorial campaign. A campaign that is setting the tone for the 2008 presidential race.

Kristen Schremp
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