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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Not Accepted

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Finally, an apology from John Kerry:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Fearful of damaging his own party in next week's elections, Sen. John Kerry apologized Wednesday to "any service member, family member or American" offended by remarks deemed by Republicans and Democrats to be insulting to U.S. forces in Iraq.

Six days before the election, the Democrats' 2004 presidential nominee said he wanted to avoid becoming a distraction in the final days of the battle for control of Congress. He added he sincerely regretted that his words were "misinterpreted to imply anything negative about those in uniform."
Anyone who believes John Kerry is sincere in his "apology" probably also believes that George W. Bush and Karl Rove masterminded 9/11 and that there were no terrorists in Iraq before we went in. Mark Levin doesn't buy it.

I do not find anything John Kerry says to be genuine or sincere. He is a phony of the worst sort---one with power and a national stage. He ought to be booed out of town.

I love Vice-President Cheney! But, of course, the MSM doesn't.

"Of course, now Senator Kerry says he was just making a joke, and he botched it up," Vice President Dick Cheney said in remarks prepared for a campaign appearance in Montana. "I guess we didn't get the nuance. He was for the joke before he was against it."

The jab was designed to recall Kerry's inartful comment from the last election that he had voted for $87 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before he voted against it.
Cheney actually made a joke, unlike Kerry, but the MSM prefers to feel bad for poor, misunderstood John. Don't pick on him! He's just breathing rarefied air and ets light-headed when he has to breath ours. Over at NRO's the Corner, Victor Davis Hanson has some great points about Kerryism, including:

(3) Some of the brightest and most educated Americans are not only in the military, but veterans of Iraq. Two of the best educated minds I have met-Col. Bill Hix and Lt. Col. Chris Gibson, both Hoover Security Fellows-were both Iraqi veterans. What is striking about visiting Iraq is the wealth of talent there, from privates to generals. Without being gratuitously cruel, the problem of mediocrity is not in the ranks of the military, but on our university campuses, where half-educated professors and non-serious students killing time are ubiquitous. Personally, I'd wager the intelligence of a Marine Corps private any day over the average D.C. journalist. Every naval officer I met at the USNA, without exception, seemed brighter than John Kerry, whose "brilliance", after all, has managed to offend millions of voters on the eve of a pivotal election. If the Democrats lose, it will be almost painful to watch the recriminations against Kerry fly.
You can hear a great Kerry Montage from Hot Air and today's Vent on Democrats and the military.

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