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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Unfit For Command (of this country or the military)

This morning, while eating my breakfast, I was watching Fox News and heard Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney (ret.) call for John Kerry's resignation. I love Gen. McInerney and he's right on here (as usual). Hot Air has video.

John Kerry wants to be President of the United States, which would automatically make him Commander-in-Chief. He is not fit for either office.

Our military men and women have enough to do without having to serve under an idiot like John Kerry, who thinks them a bunch of uneducated, uncultured philistines. He has no respect for the job our military does every day. He never has. It would be an insult to our military if John Kerry took office.

Even Democrats are criticizing Kerry's comments and calling for him to apologize. Though, honestly, I think they are doing so because they worried about how his comments will hurt their campaigns, rather than from feelings of outrage for our troops.

This is just another reason we Conservatives must not allow the Democrats to win next Tuesday. They hate our military and cannot quite keep their feelings from seeping out. We can't have them in charge of our men and women in uniform. Vote.

And in the mean time, go support Project Valour-IT.

The Nose On Your Face ("News so fake you'll swear it came from the mainstream media") sat down for an interview John Kerry. Enjoy.

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