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Friday, November 03, 2006

WA Residents: Vote for I-933

From the Washington State Republican Party (in an e-mail):

Initiative 933 is one of the most important policy measures we will vote on in Washington State on November 7th. Passing I-933 will determine whether or not your private property rights are protected and our government is held accountable for the regulations imposed on individuals who own property - any property, and that means your property.

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I-933 will make the government more accountable to its citizens:

  • Government must tell citizens "why" we need new regulations.
  • Government must identify the properties they want to regulate.
  • Government must identify how much damage they will cause to the use and value of private property.
  • Government must determine if voluntary or cooperative programs can accomplish the goals.
  • If our elected officials and agencies then decide to damage the use and value of private property, they must follow the state Constitution and pay for the damage.

MYTH 1: The government will not go bankrupt.

  • Although opponents say this will cause the government to go bankrupt, the government can avoid paying compensation by creating fairer laws that don't drastically harm property.
  • Secure property rights causes greater investment and a healthy economy.

MYTH 2: I-933 will prevent the government from creating regulations that are necessary to keep us safe.

I-933 does not impact regulations that:
  • Prevent an immediate threat to human health and safety,
  • Prevent harm from earthquakes, flooding, fire, etc.;
  • Limit the location or operation of sex offender housing or adult entertainment;
  • Require adherence to chemical use restrictions that have been adopted by the EPA;
  • Require Worker health and safety laws or regulations and wage and hour laws.
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