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Thursday, October 19, 2006

"The USA wins!"

AP: Law stops renting to illegal immigrants---

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - City leaders have approved an ordinance prohibiting landlords from renting to illegal immigrants, the latest in one of many efforts by local governments across the country to crack down on undocumented workers.
Please note the MSM Favorite term "undocumented workers," rather than the proper term, "illegal aliens."

More than 100 police officers and sheriff's deputies in riot gear were on hand for the 3-2 vote Wednesday. After the measure was approved, one person ran outside the council chamber and yelled, "The USA wins!" prompting opponents and supporters gathered on the lawn to shout at each other for 30 minutes. Police said no arrests were made.

The American Civil Liberties Union has indicated it will go to court to block implementation of the ordinance, set to take effect Nov. 18.
There goes the ACLU, standing against the rights and needs of AMERICANS, in favor of people who have broken our laws.

Under the law, landlords will be required to submit documentation of their tenants' immigration status to the city, which will then submit the information to the federal government for verification.

If tenants are found to be illegal immigrants, landlords would be given 10 days to evict them or face suspension of their business license. Repeat offenders could face misdemeanor charges and fines.
As the federal government has declined to do its job and enforce the borders, I am glad to see that Americans in cities and towns across the United States picking up the tremendous slack.

If people continue to crackdown on illegal aliens and those who aid and abet them, then the USA will indeed win. We will win back our sovereignty.

So. let's go, Americans, let's take back our country and enforce our righteous laws.

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