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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FED UP: Say NO to Illegal Alien Charter Schools!!!!!

From A.C.T. at Take Back Georgia:

FED UP: Say NO to Illegal Alien Charter Schools!!!!!

I. Am. Furious.

At this weekend's fall festival; us parents were signing a petition to get improvements made on our children's 50 year old, literally-falling-apart-at-the-seams-elementary school.

Today-our local school board is filing petitions for two, brand-spankin'-new bilingual charter schools, so:

...there would be a place for newcomers as well as a dual language school.

There would be two parts, Schofield said. One part would be newcomers to learn English so they could assimilate into the system, the second part would be made up of half native speakers and half speakers of Spanish...
In case you didn't know, the word, NEWCOMER, is the new word for ILLEGAL ALIENS.

So let me get this straight; our legal, AMERICAN CITIZEN children can sit in a rotting, 50 year old school, while their parents BEG for upgrades. And the children of ILLEGAL ALIENS get:

new 900-student elementary school
new middle school/high school for 1500 students
The new elementary school's estimated cost is $14-million
the middle school/high school would cost approximately $28-million.

What is WRONG with this picture? Has our school board gone MAD?

If they feel that compelled to educate the children of illegal aliens, then give them the 50 year old school while the children of Legal Taxpayers get the new digs!

Otherwise, putting two, brand-spanking new 'dual-language' schools in Hall is like erecting two giant, sized illegal immigration magnets in our county.

Thanks a freakin' lot.


This week, I would like to bombard our local newspapers, radio and the Hall County School Board.

I would like to see a confirmation from every person that has written these people and told them that the children of LEGAL, AMERICAN CITIZENS deserve BETTER.

IF Hall County is going to build new schools, the children of LEGAL, AMERICAN TAXPAYERS should go there - NOT the children of ILLEGAL ALIEN PARASITES.

Hall County School Board Community Opinion e-mail:


Hall County School Board Members:

Mr. Richard Higgins, Chairman (County-At-Large - Post 5)
Email: rhiggins@carrierserv.com

Mrs. Lori Thompson, Member (South Hall District - Post 2)
Email: lthompson@wdun.com

Mr. Doug Calvert, Member (East Hall District - Post 1)
Email: doug121356@aol.com

Mr. Craig Herrington, Member (West Hall District - Post 3)
Email: Craig.Herrington@hallco.org

Mr. Nath Morris, Member (North Hall District - Post 4)
Email: morris4kids@yahoo.com

Here's the site for everyone in their central office

Gainesville Times - Opinion Site


Martha Zoller: martha@marthazoller.com

Neal Boortz

..and anybody else you can think of - We must FIGHT for our children's education!!!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.

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