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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mark Foley: Morally Repugnant

Congressman Mark Foley's conduct toward Congressional pages is disgusting, immoral, and sickening.

The MSM has had a field day, reporting on a gay Republican Congressman who acted inappropriately.

Foley has done the right thing, apparently for once, and resigned his seat.

Why is it that when a Lib transgresses, his behaviors are covered up or excused by the Left and the MSM? Why aren't Lib transgressers pressured to give up their positions of power?

Foley took the initiative, once the scandal broke, and took himself out of office. Yes, he ought not to have behaved in such a way, and probably ought to have resigned long ago, but he should get a very small amount of points.

I find homosexuality abhorrent, and consider it, along with the Catholic Church, to be a sin. I also find adults who prey on children disgusting and immoral.

That said, if Foley chose to approach, instant message, e-mail, call, see anyone over the age of 18, then no one in the MSM or on the Left should utter a peep. After all, they are all for homosexuality and even like it to be taught in the public schools. Such hypocrisy.

Not only that, but one of their favorite groups, the ACLU, fights for the rights of peodophiles in the group NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association). I think we can all agree that a "boy" is a male under the age of 18.

So, on one hand, the Libs want to hang a (Republican) man for liking young men (which is sickening), but on the other hand are happy to support other men who like young, young men. Such hypocrisy.

More and more evidence against Mark Foley has been surfacing, but has it all been presented in the same manner it would be for a gay Lib who likes young people? I doubt it.

Stop the ACLU, in an e-mail, pointed us to Passionate America, where Wild Bill has uncovered the truth about the identity of a young man Foley Instant Messaged with. Please note, "young man," not boy. This "young man" was 18 at the time, which made it perfectly legal, if morally repugnant.

I suggest you visit Passionate America for the full scoop and Wild Bill's investigation. (Scroll down once you get there.)

Even Drudge has picked up Wild Bill's story. Congrats!

It ought to go without saying that if Mark Foley was bothering minors, he ought to be dealt with accordingly. Sickening behavior in anyone.

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