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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Another American Family Torn Apart

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I haven’t reported on the recent murder of a Houston policeman, Officer Rodney Johnson, who was buried yesterday morning. I really didn’t think there was much that I could add because sometimes things are so obvious they don’t need words.

But I can’t stop thinking about this.

Juan Leonardo Quintero, a Mexican national and an illegal alien, had already been deported once after he was convicted of “indecency with a child”. But it didn’t stop him from crossing our border again, living in freedom among us, and allegedly shooting Officer Johnson four times in the back of the head.

This crime should not have happened.

But, in my opinion, the worst part of this is that Officer Johnson sadly left behind a wife and five children. Three girls and two boys.

As we hear the open border advocates lobbying for amnesty for family reunification among illegal aliens, I wonder who will fight for the American family? Who will fight for the five little children left behind to ensure that no American child will ever again have to grow up fatherless because of the actions of an illegal alien - actions which were clearly allowed by the inaction of our elected officials? Is the American family of less value than the family of the illegal alien in the eyes of our politicians?

This isn’t the first, or the last, senseless murder of an American citizen by a person that should not be in this country. This is not the first, or the last, American family torn apart by illegal immigration.

This should not be.

And neither should this:

U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble, said the shooting highlighted the need to tighten the borders and beef up enforcement of immigration laws.

“We know that 25 homicides a day are committed by people who are illegally in the country and this is one more,” he said.
Twenty-five homicides a day. If Representative Poe’s figures are accurate, then in one year, the number of people murdered in our nation by illegal aliens is 9,125.

9,125 American sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers. This is three times the number of souls we lost on September 11, 2001.

Three times. In one year.

House Representative Tom Tancredo spoke of what our elected officials will face if illegal immigration continues unabated:

“I wonder how if there is another event of some great magnitude, which we all anticipate, which we hear every single day is a distinct not just possibility but probability, and if this is perpetuated by someone who has entered this country illegally, and/or people who have been recruited into a terrorist network by people who have come here illegally, I wonder what we will tell the spouses, the sons, the daughters of those people who are killed in that event” - House Representative Tom Tancredo on our lack of border security, September 9, 2002
But it is happening everyday on an annual scale far worse than 9/11.

I do not want speeches. I want protection for the American citizens and their families. I want protection for my nation.

Bill O’Reilly of FoxNews correctly stated in his Talking Points last night:

“So a combination of poor presidential leadership on the border, weak city leaders who pander to voting blocks and a far left media led to the death of Officer Rodney Johnson.”

As American citizens continue to be victimized by criminal illegal aliens, our elected officials look the other way. We get no amnesty. We get no sympathy. We get no protection. We don’t even get acknowledgement or speeches unless we die en masse.

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