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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Joke of Border Security

From JackLewis.net:

The Brownsville Herald reports that Raj Peter Bhakta, Republican candidate for Congress (13th District U.S. House of Representatives seat in Eastern Pennsylvania) and also former contestant on the NBC show “The Apprentice,” took three elephants and a mariachi band into the Rio Grande in order to see how easy it would be to cross into the US.

They began in the US and actually never cross to Mexico, but wanted to see what alarms their presence would bring...

"I tell you something, he could have made 15 laps back and forth, but no one showed up"...

“To my surprise, the band played on, the elephants splashed away, and nobody showed up,” Bhakta said of the stunt. “I’m astounded.”
The Herald article (very poorly written, I might add) doesn't mention how long it took for officials to finally show up (an important fact, wouldn't you think?). It was the department of Agriculture which finally sent someone out, to see if the elephants were free of ticks. Terrorists with anthrax, sarin gas or thermonuclear devices they don't worry about, no, they were concerned about...ticks.

UPDATE: Hot Air has video!

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