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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Trapped After Man Becomes Stuck in Pipeline

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According to the LA Times:

"More than a dozen illegal immigrants were briefly trapped inside a cross-border pipeline structure Tuesday after a man got stuck in the narrow passageway and had to be rescued by San Diego firefighters.

The immigrants were crawling through a passageway connecting a Mexican-based industrial gas supplier with a holding tank on the U.S. side, said Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement."
Headline: "illegal immigrants," in the article they metamorphosize into "immigrants" then "migrants;" seven of which were apprehended with the belief being the others returned to Mexico.

Do they have some PC rule at the Times that says they have to use all these different terms for "illegals" in each article written?

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.**

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