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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blame It On Karl Rove

From IMDB.com:
Streisand Heckler a Right-Wing Plant?

The man who heckled Barbra Streisand at her celebrity-packed New York City gig on Monday may have been a government stooge, the singer's publicist hints. The unnamed man took exception to Streisand's onstage digs at President George W. Bush demanding, "What is this? A fundraiser?" He later left the gig after the singer retorted, "Why don't you shut the f**k up! If you can't take a joke, why don't you leave and get your money back." Now her publicist Ken Sunshine suggests the taunts may have been pre-planned, revealing similar heckling took place at Streisand's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, show last week. He tells gossip site PageSix.com, "There's something a little weird about it."
Right, like the Republicans don't have anything to do . . . even with the election coming. We all just sit around every day trying to think of ways to heckle Barbra Streisand.

Did it ever occur to Mr. Sunshine and Barbra that perhaps more than one person in the United States would like to go to her concert, but not be treated to mindless mumblings about how much Barbra hates George W. Bush and America?

Of course, the Left hates personal responsibility, loves moral relativism, and always likes to blame Karl Rove and the Republicans. The arrogance.

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