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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Don't Listen To Him

If this man says something is good, then it is probably really bad.

Take this, for example:

AP: Clinton praises Bush on immigration reform---

LOS ANGELES - Former President Bill Clinton praised President Bush on Saturday for supporting reforms that would allow millions of illegal immigrants to seek citizenship but said the debate in Congress is being fomented by Republicans who want to divide America.
"Fomented"??? Apparently we aren't allowed to debate and discuss something with such impact as amnesty without being accused of stirring up a revolution or something of the sort. Honestly, "fomented"?

"I'm proud of him for doing it and I thanked him for doing it," he said of Bush during a "Cafe con Clinton" breakfast speech to the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights advocacy group.
Ah, La Raza ("the Race"). What a nice group . . . of racists and anti-Americans.

I am NOT proud of President Bush's stance on amnesty. He prefers to give people who illegally invaded our country the reward of citizenship, rather than treat them as the criminals they are and DEPORT them. No thank you.

Clinton said Bush's roots in Texas — which has one of the nation's largest Hispanic populations — have helped him view immigrants as people rather than statistics.

"It's hard to demonize people if you know them," he said.
So, I suppose that would apply to Hitler and Lenin, as well? They really are nice chaps, once you get to know them and look past all the dead bodies. Seriously, some of the illegal aliens might be the nicest people on earth, but they have still broken the law and invaded our country. They are still poor, illiterate, diseased, and bring crime and violence, and drain our system.

But Clinton also argued that the nation's government is controlled by Republican ideological hard-liners who want to use immigration to divide Americans and distract them from issues such as the war in Iraq and the health care crisis.

Instead of equal opportunity, they support a "financial elite" because they favor "concentrated wealth and power," Clinton said.
Right, that's why the really wealthy, powerful people like John Kerry and Theresa Heinz Kerry (really Theresa), Bill Gates, and the Hollywood celebs are all Republicans. Oh, wait, that's right, they are all DEMOCRATS.

"They believe in a government that is secret, unaccountable and that maximizes its own power," he said. "They really believe the world works better if they run it and we keep our mouths shut."
Oh, yes, that's why the current Republican President pulled the FBI files on what, 900 of the other side's people. Oh, wait, that was Bill Clinton, a DEMOCRAT. The words "secret," "unaccountable," and "maximizes own power" apply perfectly to Bill and Hilary Clinton and their presidency. No wonder Bill is so comfortable with the words. Bill and Hill believe "the world works better if they run it" and we, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, "keep our mouths shut."

It is always silly the way Libs think Republicans can or have even attempted to silence the Left. The Left controls the MSM. Hello! Stop living in Lib La La Land.

If President Bush wants to come back to reality, he will realize that when people like Bill Clinton agree with him, he's on the wrong track. Amnesty is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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