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Friday, July 07, 2006

A Request for Prayer

From Brooke at The NeoCon Command Center:

To all of my fellow Bloggers who are of a religious persuasion, I ask for your prayers, and from those who aren't, your well-wishes for my new baby nephew, Cody.

Cody is the two-month-old son of my brother, Bruce, and his wife, Erin. I have spoken of Bruce before, he's a K-9 officer in Florida, and his wife is an EMT.

Cody was born with Downs Syndrome, the severity of which has not been determined, but that is not the issue.

Cody was admitted to ICU yesterday after doctors determined that he had three holes in his heart, and a blood count of just 200. Once he is stabilized, he will require open heart to try to repair the defects.

Thank you to everyone for pulling for the little guy! I want to help, but I feel like my hands are tied because of our family's distance; I live in Ohio, and my brother is in Florida.
Please keep Cody, Bruce, Erin, Brooke, and their family in your prayers! Every baby is a precious gift from God.