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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Friends of Jerry

I received this e-mail and thought I would post it:

Below is a blog regarding the fundrasing efforts on behalf of Lance Cpl Jerry Shumate currently being held, with six other Marines and 1 Navy Medic, at Camp Pendleton in connection with the Al-Hamdania incident.

Whether, you support the war or not, surely you believe an accused should have the access to the best defense possible. The families caught up in this situation aren't prominent. They aren't rich. They are just average folks caught up in a complex situation where often only the sophisticated, the well connected, the rich can be assured a fair shake.
This is, of course, a worthy cause.

Please visit Friends of Jerry.

Our military men deserve the same "innocent until proven guilty" that even the worst criminals in this country receive. Actually, they deserve better; we ask them to do the most horrid work and then treat them worse than the Supreme Court InJustices will allow us to treat cowardly men who want to kill, kill, kill us.


If these Marines and the Navy Corpsman have done anything wrong, then they ought to be punished. But, they shouldn't be treated as guilty until they have been proven guilty.

Please visit and spread the word.

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