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Friday, July 07, 2006

CAII on the Pence Plan

Here are two of today's posts from the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration:

Crossposted from Red Hot Cuppa Politics:

Bill Clinton And Karl Rove To Speak At La Raza Event---

Get your mind around this one.

The NCLR, which has documented connections to the radical Hispanic Reconquista groups of Mecha and Atzlan, will be hosting its 2006 NCLR Annual Conference -- with Bill Clinton featured at the kick-off Saturday morning, and Karl Rove featured at the final luncheon on Tuesday.

Have I mentioned how part of the problem is our politico's big scramble for the Holy Grail of the Hispanic vote? (StetsonTip MichelleMalkin)

Meanwhile, according to the WashingtonPost, a House subcommittee will be meeting with border law enforcement officials to discuss enforcement in Laredo. And, President Bush calls an innovative plan "intriguing:
President Bush has called it impractical to force millions of illegal immigrants to leave the country, but he met last week with Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., who is promoting a plan that would in part require immigrants to visit centers across the border to fill out paperwork before becoming guest workers.
I think it's a pretty good idea, as long as it's not run on the "honor" system.

Also writing on illegal immigration reform: UnCooperativeBlogger, and ChristiKing points to an excellent article over at the AmericanDaily about Illegal immigration and the Civil War. Today, Christi's asking "Is It Really Time to Uphold Our Laws ... ?" Click to the CoalitionBlog for the latest and freshest news on illegal immigration reform.


From Morning Coffee:

The Pence Plan; A few Questions:---

I have been reviewing the Pence Plan the last few days, and while I think it is far better than the Senates Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, there are still many questions that must be addressed. I think most will agree on the Border Security and Law enforcement provisions of the bill. Several though question the "Guest Worker Program" that would be implemented after the border security requirements are met. I have listed a few of the questions I have about the Guest Worker Program that congressman Pence envisions. Here is the PDF File of the proposed legislation. I am no legal scholar; the document is 280 pages long, and definitely not a Tom Clancy Novel… You will definitely need lots of coffee to get past the first few pages.
  • How is the number of guest workers allowed in the country arrived at?

    The proposed legislation states that Market forces will determine the number of guest workers will be allowed in the country, but does not provide any guidance of what data will be used to actually arrive at a number.
  • Background checks.

    Who actually does the background checks? The FBI, Homeland Security nor any other agency has the manpower to actually conduct a background check on Millions of people initially and hundreds of thousands of people annually. Additionally Background checks cost money to conduct, who pays for these checks, the Taxpayer, the Company, the prospective guest worker?
  • Who operates the "Ellis Island Centers"? What countries will they be established?

    With the rampant corruption in which Mexico is known for, allowing private enterprises to determine who is and is not allowed to enter the country as a guest worker without some very close supervision is opening ourselves up to potential fraud and corruption.
  • What are the criteria for someone to be accepted or rejected as a Guest Worker?
    Who determines if an applicant is accepted as a guest worker? Someone who works at the "Ellis Island Centers", the company that wants to hire the guest worker or someone else entirely?
  • Will guest workers be allowed to change jobs?

    If yes, what provisions will be put in place to prevent companies from using single guest worker positions to bring in several guest workers?

    If no, what provisions are put in place to ensure that the Guest Worker Program is not utilized as Modern-Day Serfdom?
  • In order for a position to be filled by a Guest Worker, a company must attest that they can not hire US Workers to fill the position. What if any criteria must be met before a companies claim is approved?

    Is there a method to determine the validity of a companies claim or are they operating on the honor system?
****This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.**

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