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Monday, April 10, 2006

Jack will be back!!!

Having just become addicted to the show (and addicting my mother and sister), I'm quite enthused about this 24 news! (And don't forget: new episode tonight!)

AP: Kiefer Sutherland Signs on for More '24'---

LOS ANGELES - Jack'll be back — despite all the firepower the bad guys rain down on him. Kiefer Sutherland has signed on for three more seasons as superhero agent Jack Bauer on Fox's "24."

As part of the deal, Sutherland will establish a production company based at 20th Century Fox Television to develop original programming, the studio announced Monday. He will also serve as a co-executive producer of the hit drama.

Sutherland "is an extraordinary actor with amazing instincts. He's fiercely intelligent, and he has fantastic taste in material," studio co-president Dana Walden said in a statement.

"When he told us he had ambitions to create and produce television series, we jumped at the chance to help him achieve that goal," she said.

No financial details were disclosed.

Sutherland has starred for five seasons as Bauer, who works for the fictional federal Counter-Terrorist Unit (CTU).

As the show plays out in real time, with each season covering 24 hours, Bauer faces crisis after crisis.
For a good laugh, have a look at these Jack Bauer Facts.

Rush Limbaugh visited the set of 24 recently, lucky man.

And more stories on 24 in the news lately:

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