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Monday, April 10, 2006

And So It Continues---Updated

Here are links to posts from non-CAII members, regarding illegal immigration. Lots of great stuff (but make sure you check out all the CAII posts too):

From JackLewis.net: Danny has New regulations for immigrants?

Michelle Malkin has an abundance of posts:
Here We Go Again
Muslims for Open Borders
Our Borders are a Joke
So Much for "Peaceful"
Illegal Alien Voter Recruitment
Where in the World
Live From New York----Lots of pictures from bloggers who attended illegal alien marches.

Rush Limbaugh on how Democrats See Illegal Immigration
As the Way To Get Their Power Back

CNN spins the illegal alien marches as Rallies across U.S. call for immigrant rights---

(CNN) -- Tens of thousands of protesters turned out Monday in small towns and big cities across the United States demanding that undocumented immigrants get a chance to live the American dream. On what is dubbed a "national day of action for immigration justice," demonstrators shook up the streets from Atlanta, Georgia, to South Bend, Indiana.

In Lexington, Kentucky, they waved signs that read: "We were all immigrants once," and "We are not terrorists," The Associated Press reported.
Hmmm, that's funny. I've NEVER been an immigrant. Nor do most of the people I know. My ancestors, a number of generations ago, were, but they did it legally.

Besides, these people don't want to live the American Dream. They just want to make money, retain their language and culture, and force it on us. No thank you.

Martin at Blogbat has a post on Los Diablos de la EspaƱa, about "La Raza and the errands of fools" (In a related matter, see my post on The Truth About Aztlan)

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