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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Problems with Illegal Immigration

Here are more items from around the internet on the problem of illegal immigration:

President Bush blames Harry Reid for the delay in the immigration bill. I wish President Bush would realize the delay is because this is bad legislation and We the People are fighting it.

Mark Levin has a huge long transcript from the Senate Floor on 6 April. Senator Sessions had some "stunning facts about the proposed immigration bill" and more.

David Frum focuses on:

An interesting editorial in the Wall Street Journal this morning calls for permissive immigration as a natural concomittant of free trade.

This is a point of view often asserted but seldom examined - for when examined, it quickly falls apart.
Michelle Malkin has the news on schools giving kids who walk out in support of illegal immigration Monday credit, rather than suspending them. She also has a link to "national illegal alien day" and a list of events. Ridiculous.

In DENVER, Students Suspended For Wearing Shirts With American Flags.

Tel-Chai Nation has lots of links.

Church and State has a post on "Democrats Prevent Votes To Allude Amnesty."

At OpinionEditorials.com, James Atticus Bowden notes: No Borders, No Nation---

There’s a reason why we Americans don’t speak Pictish. There’s a reason why the present government of the United States of America serves an American Nation built from an American Civilization that is based on American Culture – instead of the Picts. There’s a reason why most Americans speak English – at least for now. The Picts couldn’t keep their borders. The Picts were destroyed. No one mourns. No one cares.
Borders protect the Nation. People and Will preserve the Nation.
Kathleen Parker's column from Wednesday: English spoken here

Mark Alexander asks E pluribus unum?---

"[T]he policy or advantage of [immigration] taking place in a body may be much questioned; for, by so doing, they retain the Language, habits and principles which they bring with them. Whereas by an intermixture with our people, they, or their descendants, get assimilated to our customs, measures and laws: in a word, soon become one people." --George Washington

Out of many, one.

That was the national motto proposed by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1776. Both simple and elegant, it embodied the notion that all who had come to America's shores, and all who would come, must be united -- must all form one front -- in defense of freedom and liberty. For 200 years, we were, largely, one people united behind constitutional republicanism. But soon after the social turbulence of the '60s and the economic woes of the '70s, that unity began to crumble. This was the era in which multiculturalism emerged -- the era in which ethnocentricity became chic.
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