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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Democrats "will have a veritable cow"

Here are some items from around the internet on the topic of illegal immigration:

Rush says Let's Accept the Whole Senate Bill, Except Illegals Cannot Ever Vote---

But the bottom line it is not about immigration, it is about voters, and the Democrats are now being open and honest about it. Their outreach, they're out there recruiting.

So let's demonstrate this to everybody. Let's say that we accept everything in the Senate bill, we accept everything in it, except for one thing. Illegals, no matter when they become legal don't get the right to vote. They still have to pay the fine, have to show up, but they can't vote or hold public office. Their kids can if they're born here, but they can't. All of the illegals who are here can stay, and they can work and they can get jobs. They can pay taxes. They can use the services this country has to offer, but we won't allow them to vote.

Now, you just propose that and watch the Democrat reaction to this. Just watch the Democrats. You take the one thing off of the table that the Democrats want, and they will have a veritable cow. "But, Rush! But, Rush! That will destroy the Republican outreach." There is no Republican outreach! In other words, the Democrats are trying to recruit these people and legalize them on the spot just to make them voters. In fact there's a move on to make them voters even before they are legal, before they become citizens. Take it off the table or just suggest taking it off the table. It's not going to change the way they're going to vote for Republicans. It's just an idea.

I love coming up with ways to illustrate who these people are. Now, here's another way to smoke out the left. We do protect our borders. A lot of you think the borders are not secure. A lot of you think that we're not doing anything to keep this inflow of humanity from getting into our country. But we do. We protect the borders; we control immigration flows, and we do it every day, and here's how. If you are a foreigner and wanting to immigrate to this country and are a professional, if you have a specialty occupation, if you are educated, if you are a doctor, an engineer, a computer whiz, even if you are a stem cell researcher, only 65,000 a year of you can come legally to our shores and stay for three years.

With all this claptrap that the left is shouting about out there about building our country and making our country great, why do we only allow 65,000 of them, the professionals, those with specialty occupations, the educated, doctors, engineers, computer whizzes, why do we only allow 65 of them? It's like pulling teeth to plea bargain that 65,000 number higher. Why? What does this add up to? Educated: keep 'em out. Educated enough not to buy the liberal claptrap, keep 'em out. Does the country want more unskilled, untrained, or does one political party want that? I'm not making this up. I've got the numbers.
Mark Levin has some questions for the Open Borders Crowd and says he's with Walter Williams.

David Frum focuses on The Message of the Marches and gives us some insight into the background of this whole thing.

From Reuters: Republicans mull changes in immigration bill---Not the kind that we want!!!

Go visit the Minutemen (Not vigilantes).

Great political cartoon here.

-Kathleen Parker: How do you say 'pandering' in Spanish?
-Terrence Jeffrey: Outnumbered 40,000 to one
-Walter Williams: Immigration vs. gate-crashing
-Mary Grabar: Why don’t we protest?---

While thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters converge in major American cities waving Mexican flags and signs in Spanish, polls show the vast majority of Americans opposed to their demands.

So why don’t we protest? Why not simply show our strength and wave the American flag and signs in English?

For one thing, we’re keeping the country going. We can’t afford to lose our jobs. We are neither the elites of the alternate universes of the academy and major media, nor are we “artists” supported by tax dollars or trust funds. We are not the beneficiaries of the tax-payer supported largesse that these elites are agitating for on behalf of the illegals. We are not high school teachers who through the brainwashing of our educational system believe that participating in mob protest is a good civics lesson. As the evening news has shown, many of the protestors are jubilant, defiant school children playing hookey and getting taxpayer-funded school buses to take them back to school.
(emphasis added)

Visit NumbersUSA to find more great information and send FREE FAXES to your elected "representatives" (questionable whether they will listen to us . . . or the illegal aliens they seem to prefer).

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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