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Friday, March 10, 2006


This is outrageous. This man wasn't even a supporter of the cartoons, only published them in a way that showed his disapproval, and the Jihadists are calling for his execution.

From Michelle Malkin:

The bloodthirsty Cartoon Jihadists want to execute an Arab newspaper editor in Yemen. Via BBC:
Yemeni lawyers have called for a newspaper editor to be sentenced to death for showing cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, his paper says.

Muhammad al-Asadi was arrested after his publication, the Yemen Observer, showed the Danish cartoons in February.

He denies the charges of offending Islam, under which he is being tried.

The English-language newspaper has had its licence to publish suspended, although its staff have continued to produce material online.

Lawyers leading a civil case against publishers of the cartoons - in addition to the public case - cited precedents from Muslim history when the prophet was insulted by a woman and then praised her killer.

Prosecutors have reportedly requested that the Yemen Observer be closed permanently and have its property and assets confiscated.
What makes the case against al-Asadi all the more insane is how and why the Yemen Observer published the cartoons: the paper published thumbnail copies of some of the cartoons in its Feb. 4 edition, but covered them with a thick black cross to show its disapproval. In two accompanying articles, the paper condemned the cartoons and provided negative reactions from Muslims worldwide. Despite the context, the Cartoon Jihadists want al-Asadi dead because the thumbnail of one of the cartoons--only 1.5cm [0.6 of an inch] by 2cm [0.8 of an inch], he notes--appeared on the front page.

Sign a petition to help free al-Asadi by sending an e-mail to moyen-orient2@rsf.org. More info here.

Contact the Yemen embassy:

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen
2319 Wyoming Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 965-4760
Fax: (202) 337-2017
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