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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stop the ACLU Thursday!

Here is today's Stop the ACLU Blogburst, a rant provided by Gribbit. Thanks, Gribbit!

Judges, Lawyers, and the ACLU - Enemies of the People

Have you ever noticed that every nutty idea that the ACLU sues over comes out of San Francisco, New York, Boston, or Chicago? Think about it seriously for a few minutes. None of these ignorant press releases about national policy ever originate in say Rapid City, SD or Kansas City, MO. And why is that? It is because all the brain dead lawyers in this nation gather like rats in the least pleasant locations in the nation.

Where the riff-raff are, the ACLU will be there to defend them. Deny it if you wish but you if you do you are living in the land of denial. The ACLU is nothing more than Ambulance Chasers with cause. And their cause is to take cases which will place national and local policies designed to defend morality and shred them in their precious cause of civil rights.

They don't give a flying fart about civil liberties. That is just their cover story. Their what you ask? Their cover story, every Communist Front Organization has to have one. Their goal is to destroy anything which is American. To remove all barriers to free-will and create chaos. What this does is give the self appointed Kings By Committee the opportunity to step in and establish limitations.

We are being groomed. Groomed to accept judicial review as the law establishing authority. It started with Roe v Wade where the Supreme Court stepped out of it's judicial review mode and decided that they could dictate and establish law. And we let them get away with that. Now the Congress passes their laws to withstand judicial review rather than with the authority of the will of the people. More grooming. Next phase for those who are grooming us is to remove the relevance of Congress altogether.

Once that is established, all laws restricting personal freedoms will be dissolved. Then the self appointed Kings By Committee will be in that position to dictate their morality and establish their law. And a Communist State will be born at last.

So what does this have to do with the ACLU you ask? Because the expansion of judicial power in this nation has come about with their prompting. They filed the amicus brief in Roe. They are suing to release classified material via the Freedom of Information Act thereby tipping off our adversaries to our methods of tracking and finding them. They have advocated the elimination of laws against possession of child pornography. They have represented terrorists who have engaged US forces in violation of the rules of War. They have represented clients whose goals has been to remove religion from public life. They have represented pornographers in their quest for allowing the public sale of more and more explicit material. They have represented murderers who have committed their crimes knowing the crime is punishable by death and claimed that capital punishment is cruel and unusual. They claim to be defenders of the Bill of Rights but consistently have been willing to allow the 2nd, 9th, and 10th Amendments to be trampled on so that a liberal "interpretation" of the 14th Amendment could be applied.

That is another thing that bugs me. The ACLU and others insist on have some sort of "interpretation" of the Constitution. Why? It's written in English YOU MORONS! But I bet it would be easier for the ACLU to truly understand the intent of the founding fathers if it were written in Russian instead.

I am completely convinced that somewhere there is a legal document that states, "20 - 25 times per minute you will take air into your lungs and expel it. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of death." But somewhere there is a lawyer trying to discredit this document in federal court. This is an ACLU lawyer.

Sometime in the last 100 years or so, we have become slaves. We are now slaves to the lawyers. Every decision made must have a legal consideration. We must consult the lawyers or we cannot proceed. Congress can't pass a piece of legislation until after some committee does a study to see if the legislation will survive judicial review. We are slaves to those who argue cases and review them. We are slaves to those who have the need to put the letters Esq. after their names. And once they are clothed in black garments, we then turn over all of our decision making to their care.

The time is here people. It has already happened. And it was an organization of lawyers which started us down that path. And we let them. So what are you going to do about it?

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