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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Muslims Gone Wild II

The Islamists and friends are still going strong over the cartoon controversy (You can view some of the cartoons and find links for the others here.).

The BBC thinks Muhammad cartoons 'global crisis', which is really rather stupid. A "global crisis" would mean Irishmen are rioting and groups of Portuguese and and some Chileans, perhaps Canadians, Australians, and the French (wait, their alien residents already did riot). The only people rioting and freaking out here are Muslims and their appeasers. Not exactly a "global crisis." Rather, some stuck-in-the-Dark-Ages, just-say-no-to-free-speech, we-represent-Islam wackos are all up in arms (really, literally).

Now, an Iranian Paper Plans Holocaust Cartoons. Isn't that nice. Some Danes draw editorial cartoons, using their free speech, and the Muslims decide to riot and also lash out at, once again, nothing new, the Jews. Such friendly people, these Muslims. So gentle and calm.

Over at The Weekly Standard, Lee Smith asks Denmark, Damascus,
and Beirut: Are the Muslims in Lebanon and Syria angrier than others in the Middle East?

National Review has put together a symposium: The Clash to End All Clashes?.

At Iraq the Model, Omar decided Time for a cartoon post….

I swear that 90%+ of the protestors in Muslim countries have not seen the cartoons and do not know the name of the paper and when I say that I'm sure of it because I have access to the web 24/7 and I spent a really long time searching for the cartoons and couldn’t find them until a friend emailed me a link and.

You know that those cartoons were published for the 1st time months ago and we here in the Middle East have tonnes of jokes about Allah, the prophets and the angels that are way more offensive, funny and obscene than those poorly-made cartoons, yet no one ever got shot for telling one of those jokes or at least we had never seen rallies and protests against those infidel joke-tellers.

What I want to say is that I think the reactions were planned to be exaggerated this time by some Middle Eastern regimes and are not mere public reaction.
And I think Syria and Iran have the motives to trigger such reactions in order to get away from the pressures applied by the international community on those regimes.

However, I cannot claim that Muslim community is innocent for there have been outrageous reactions outside the range of Syria's or Iran's influence but again, these protests and threats are more political than religious in nature.

One last thing, even if the entire EU apologizes it won't change a thing; fanatics in our countries here had always considered the west their infidel arrogant crusader enemy and no apology no matter how big or sincere can change that.
People are freaking out about the THE MUHAMMAD CARTOONS BLOGBURST Michelle Malkin has put together. She also notes that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER and asks AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS, WILL YOU PLEASE STAND UP?. Michelle also has more on the murder of Father Andrea Santoro. The suspect has been caught and "The student told police he was influenced by cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad."

Neil Boortz posted on A STUDY IN MEDIA HYPOCRISY, noting that:

Here's your link for the story about these peaceful Muslims. Now ... scroll down to the bottom of the story. You'll see the notation "CNN has chosen not to show the cartoons out of respect for Islam." Well, isn't that special. Go ahead and show a painting of the Virgin Mary created out of elephant poo, but withhold the pictures of these cartoons that are causing carnage around the world. We don't want to insult Muslims, do we? Catholics? Well, apparently they're on their own.
The Washington Post has a column titled Tolerance Toward Intolerance. The author, Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, says his paper was right to print one of the pictures:

The very nature of the discourse is to find parameters of what is culturally acceptable. How many times have we seen Janet Jackson's breast in the course of a discussion of the limits of family entertainment? How many times have we printed material that Jews might consider offensive in an attempt to define the extent of anti-Semitism? It seems odd that most U.S. papers patronize their readers by withholding cartoons that the whole world talks about. To publish does not mean to endorse. Context matters.
Angel at Woman Honor Thyself has an interesting post on censorship.

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