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Monday, February 06, 2006

Muslims Gone Wild

Well, really more than wild. How about insane? How about completely-out-of-control? Well, perhaps not that far, but they are getting there.

Here are some more reactions to the explosion of insanity from the Muslim world (and their enablers in supposedly civilized Western governments---including ours):

At National Review, George Neumayr has an article called “Religion of Peace” or Riots. Which is it?

Uproars over criticism of radical Islam almost always follow the same ironic trajectory. First, someone makes an observation about the violent character of Mohammed or Islam. Then what follows? Violent protests and rioting, which serve to illustrate and confirm vividly the criticism that occasioned them.

Only radical Muslims would consider rioting a rational rebuttal to descriptions of Islam as violent. What other religious group riots or issues death threats after it is criticized? It is precisely because Christianity is so tame that Western liberals often feel safe to lampoon its history as violent. They wouldn't dare level similarly harsh criticism of Islam.
Also at NR, Andrew Stuttaford writes about Drawing Fire and Lorenzo Vidino introduces us to the imam who started it all, among other things.

Angel at Woman Honor Thyself has Three Questions.

View the 12 Cartoons here, with explanations here. (Also at Human Events.

Here are a few:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Fox News/the AP reports on the first killings over these CARTOONS Protests Over Muhammad Caricatures Continue; Four Killed and A Chronology of the Events.

Michelle Malkin has had a ton of coverage. Here are a few of her posts:

IN THEIR OWN WORDS, which features lots of their (un)friendly protest signs.
"WITH OUR BLOOD WE WILL REDEEM OUR PROPHET", which has more violent pictures.

Of course, the MSM won't print the cartoons, but is surprised there are voices calling for them to. No surprise, though, that they, the supposed bastions of "free speech" have so far refused to print them.

CNN has one article on its front page.

The MSM also wants us to be afraid of the fact that Hundreds in Iran Protest Muhammad Drawings. Guess what. We have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bombs, tanks, guns, and all sorts of weapons (not to mention the nukes). We are definitely going to win this war. Make no mistake.

The Guardian Unlimited is all about Rioting with well-planned spontaneity.

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