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Monday, February 06, 2006

Still More

More on all those (hundreds only) of people protesting in Iran.

Michelle Malkin has lots more on the Mohammed Cartoons Explosion.

CARTOON JIHAD: THE MAP Which includes a link to: Face of Muhammed: Cartoon War Overview - Drawings of Muhammed.



The AFP is running a story on Muslim resentment over cartoons 'exploited', say experts.

PARIS (AFP) - Outrage in the Muslim world over the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed stems both from resentment over perceived double standards and from political exploitation by some regimes, experts say.

For Muslims "since the Gulf War, international law has followed double standards," Mounia Bennani-Chraibi of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland told AFP, adding that they believe the same of freedom of expression.

She said the indignation in the Muslim world is "linked to this feeling of inequality, of playing the villain in history."

"The West has lost its Soviet enemy and has built Islam into its new enemy," she said.
Right. We've just created an enemy in Islam. It has nothing to do with the fact that Muslims have been blowing themselves, buildings, ships, and just about anything up, flying planes into buildings, and beheading people. Nothing at all. We are so hypocritical. We allow people to mock our faiths and us, but when someone mocks their faith . . . wait, we allow just about everything and they allow nothing. Rather, they use violence as a response to everything, even cartoons. Yet, we have a double standard? Don't think so. Who has freedom of speech?

The AFP also has a story about how, big surprise, Banned Islamist Omar Bakri wants death for cartoonists.

Meanwhile, Furor Over Drawings Shocks Danes.