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Sunday, February 12, 2006

All or None

How nice. The UN won't "Help stop murder and rape" in Iraq, but Kofi Annan will ask the US to Help stop murder and rape in Darfur."

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Secretary-General Kofi Annan intends to ask President George W. Bush on Monday what the United States can contribute to a mobile UN force to stop the killings, rape and pillaging in Sudan's Darfur region.

The United States has offered military planners for the Darfur operation, which will arrive on Monday. But it has made no offer of air coverage or other assistance for the venture, expected to be comprised mainly of African and Asian troops, who form the bulk of all UN forces.

At issue is a transfer of command from an underfunded African Union force of 7,000 monitors and troops in Darfur to UN peacekeepers, a move U.S. Ambassador John Bolton promoted in the Security Council last week by drafting a statement asking the world body to begin contingency planning.

Annan said Darfur's plight, which the United States has characterized as genocide, was too dire for rich nations to pay but not participate in the mission, which will increase the $5 billion spent on peacekeeping last year.

"It is not going to be easy for the big and powerful countries with armies to delegate to third world countries. They will have to play a part if we are going to stop the carnage that we see in Darfur," Annan told reporters on Thursday.

Asked if Bush would be asked to participate, Annan said, "I will share with him the facts that I have shared with you, the needs that we have, and the countries that I think can supply those needs, and that will include the U.S."
Something must be done to stop the heinous acts that have taken place in Darfur. It has taken the UN far too long to step in.

There is a sort of hypocrisy involved, on the UN's part. They wouldn't help us with Iraq, where Saddam Hussein allowed and encouraged heinous acts, but now they want us to pick up the work of Darfur?

Apparently "peacekeepers" are not sufficient to keep peace.

How much are we expected to contribute to the world? We give so very much in foreign aid every year, provide protection with our troops, ships, and weapons, stabilize the economy, and so much more. We have shouldered the burden of liberating 50 million plus people in Afghanistan and Iraq (for which we receive much scorn, and little thanks). That's not enough?

The UN wouldn't act on Iraq, but now wants us to do the work of fixing up Darfur. Lovely.

My issue is not with assisting Darfur---I believe the strong should take care of the weak---but with the UN's attitude towards the United States. They only want us to be powerful when it suits their interests. It is hypocritical to, on one hand, scream at us for using our power to liberate so many people, and, on the other, ask our help in liberating some other people. Either we should liberate all people, or none.