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Sunday, February 12, 2006

An Almost Storybook Finish

I was watching the Men's 30 km Pursuit (Cross-Country Skiing) earlier today and saw something amazing.

Right at the beginning of the race, one of the favorites, defending Olympic Gold Medalist (from 2002), Norway's Frode Estil, and a number of other skiers went down.

Estil got up again, but seemed a bit shaken up. He skied a bit, but then had to have a ski adjusted. By that time he was behind the huge pack of skiers.

His two teammates managed to get to the front of the pack and slowed the pace a bit.

Estil was able, by sheer determination and skill, to pass some 60 men and near the front. It was simply amazing.

The race was extremely exciting, much more exciting than I would have thought cross-country skiing (and the long distance) could be.

At the end, a couple of Italians appeared to be in place for the Gold and Silver. Then, Estil and others powered to the front.

A Russian finished first, but Frode Estil finished with the Silver Medal.

It really was an amazing effort on his part. To come from 45 seconds back is a stupendous achievement and ought to be trumpted.

This is the sort of thing the Olympics are all about: teamwork, determination, perseverance, and strength. Estil could have cursed everyone around him and given up. Instead, he took responsibility for his own race and claimed the Silver Medal.

Congratulations to Frode Estil! That's an Olympian.