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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Our First Medal Gleams Gold

Congratulations to speed skater Chad Hedrick, who today won the USA's first medal of these Olympics: a Gold in the 5,000 meters.

He's from Texas.

AP: Hedrick Says There's More Gold to Come---

Hedrick was cheered on by first lady Laura Bush — another Texan watching from the stands with daughter Barbara — and Heiden, who still works with the U.S. speedskating program.

Afterward, Heiden, now an orthopedist, headed for the stands, where Hedrick's entourage watched the race in red sweatshirts emblazoned with "The Exception" across the front, tucked inside a white logo in the shape of Texas.

Paul Hedrick, wearing a black cowboy hat, and his wife, Wanda, were led to an impromptu meeting with the president's wife. "We're Bush people," the beaming mother told the first lady.

"Well, we're Chad Hedrick people," Mrs. Bush replied.
(emphasis added)