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Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Contrast

AP: Thousands Mark Roe V. Wade Anniversary---

SAN FRANCISCO — Thousands of abortion opponents shouldering signs with slogans such as "Peace Begins in the Womb" marched in protest of the 33-year-old Roe v. Wade decision, while abortion rights supporters along the march route waved clothes hangers and shouted "Bigots go home."
Such a contrast. Those of us who are Pro-Life don't have the blood of millions and millions of innocent babies on our hands. We aren't the violent, wicked, blood-thirsty ones.

The largest abortion demonstration was expected Monday in Washington, D.C., where anti-abortion activists planned to converge on the mall to hear speakers supporting their cause and march on the Congress and Supreme Court.

In Michigan, a group pastors and ministry leaders used the anniversary Sunday to launch a new anti-abortion organization, Michigan Chooses Life. One goal is to support efforts to get a measure on the 2006 ballot that would change the state constitution to legally define a person as existing at the moment of conception. The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan has said that even if the measure did succeed, it would be challenged in court.
Oh, yes, and there's the ACLU, fighting for the most precious right of all: Life. Oh, wait. I apologize. The ACLU is fighting for the "right" of a woman to murder her unborn child just so she can "have a life." Of course, some people think that's just dandy, but I'm not one of them.

There is such a contrast between those of us who fight to preserve Life and those who want to toss it into the garbage (and literally do). On one hand, you have religious people and, on the other, people who prefer to forsake responsibilities, suck the brains out of babies, and call religious people "bigots" and primitive and all sorts of things for holding religious beliefs. Nice.

Have a look at these pictures (Curtsy to Kathryn Lopez at The Corner) from the marches in SF this weekend. Need I say more?