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Saturday, January 21, 2006

And the UN Says "Oh, Well, What Can We Do?"

AP: Assad Indicates Rejection of U.N. Request---

DAMASCUS, Syria - President Bashar Assad indicated Saturday he was rejecting a second request by U.N. investigators to interview him about the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister, declaring that Syria would not bow to international pressure.

Assad's uncompromising tone against the United Nations on what he termed a matter of national sovereignty was certain to further heighten tension with the United States and complicate the seven-month probe into the Feb. 14 truck bombing that killed Rafik Hariri and 20 others on a Beirut street.

"We should not give up our national sovereignty even if the circumstance requires that we fight for our country. We must be prepared for that," he said.

The U.N commission investigating Hariri's assassination has implicated top Lebanese and Syrian security officials. Syria rejected the findings and tried to discredit commission witnesses.


The U.N. Security Council has twice found that Syria has failed to cooperate fully. There were U.S. warnings that the council might take further action, and American officials have called on Syria to change its policies on the investigation, Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian issue.
In related news, Israel hints that it might be preparing for military action against Iran.