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Friday, January 20, 2006

How to Help Fight the ACLU

Yesterday, for the Stop the ACLU blogburst, we posted about the ACLU’s NSA lawsuit.

Here's more information on what you can do, courtesy of Stop the ACLU:

So you want to get involved with us as an intervening party against the ACLU in their case challenging the NSA? Here is what to do.

Email Debbie Schlussel with the following information. Via Debbie Schlussel’s site:

I will need everyone’s complete name and contact info (full name, phone number, e-mail address, complete U.S. snailmail address–you must be a U.S. citizen). If you have e-mailed me regarding this, I will respond via e-mail to you over the weekend and into next week, with an affidavit to sign (with notarized signature) and a brief agreement saying you agree to have me represent you in court for this matter and that I will not charge you any fees.
Debbie has agreed to do this service for America completely free, however the filing fee for the affidavit will be $250.00, and there will be other fees.

If you want to join, please use the above information to e-mail Debbie. You can also donate money at Stop the ACLU.

This is an important fight. Please consider joining!