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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alito Update

Judge Samuel Alito's Supreme Court Nomination Hearings begin Monday, 9 January.

Here is the schedule for the hearings. (Goodness, they waste half a day on Monday. There's our government at work!)

And some articles on Judge Alito (our next Supreme Court Justice!):

Reuters: Alito seen surviving tough confirmation hearing

CNN: Bar association: Supreme Court nominee 'well-qualified' (The Dems considered this the Gold Standard until President Bush began nominating judges. Then, they changed their minds and demanded divinity.)

AP: Conservatives Plan Pre-Alito Hearing Rally

National Review Online: Against Complacency

Yahoo News: Supreme Court Coverage

Rich Lowry: Alito’s Bias

Fox News: Democrats Hit Possible Snag Ahead of Alito Hearings

Peter Kirsanow: Alito Accuracy