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Saturday, January 07, 2006

An Interview With Senator George Allen

My friend Judson, who runs the North Carolina Conservative newspaper has done an interview with Virginia Senator George Allen. It is worth a read.

You will find it here.

Senator Allen has been oft mentioned as a possible Republican 2008 Presidential Candidate. He has lots of interesting things to say.

Here is an excerpt:

I want to advance what I call common sense, Jeffersonian conservative principles. They have worked in Virginia and throughout America, and can spread freedom and prosperity to the rest of the world.


NCC: What is your appraisal of the political climate in our nation? Is America becoming more conservative?

I do think America is becoming more conservative. People need and want a mission to unite us for a cause. I think we can motivate people to conservative ideals by showing the positive impact on their lives and families, their job opportunities, etc. President Reagan advanced conservatism - he was the modern day Thomas Jefferson. He applied conservative principles to everything from the Cold War to tax policies. Reagan showed that with lower taxes, a strong defense and by trusting the people, we could turn things around from Carter Malaise. He made us proud to be Americans again. There are hundreds of millions of people from the Baltics to the Black sea, who are now free thanks to Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul 2 and Margaret Thatcher.

The vast majority of this country agrees with the principles of conservatism that Reagan advanced. They will coalesce around the right leader, one who inspires and motivates.
I highly recommend reading the whole thing here and having a look at the rest of the North Carolina Conservative.