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Friday, January 06, 2006

No Dancing in the Streets Here

AP: Mecca Death Toll Rises to 76---

MECCA, Saudi Arabia - Hundreds of men using cranes, hand tools and blow torches pulled bodies from the rubble of a four-story building that collapsed in Islam's holiest city, and authorities said Friday the death toll reached at least 76.

The Saudi Interior Ministry also said Thursday's collapse injured 62. The nationalities of the victims were not released.

The disaster marred the start of the annual gathering of millions of Muslims for the hajj pilgrimage that begins Monday. More than 1 million attended Friday prayers in the Grand Mosque, which is just 200 feet away from the building that collapsed.

On Friday afternoon, about 24 hours after the collapse, workers called off the search for survivors in the pile of concrete and steel. The building had shops and restaurants and was used as a hotel during the hajj.
So far, I haven't read any reports of Americans or Christians dancing in the streets at the news of a disaster to Muslim Arabs. This stands in sharp contrast to the behavior of Muslims/Arabs across the Middle East after the horrific acts of evil and tragic deaths of 9/11 and other bloody, destructive, and sad events that have happened to America and Americans.

Such a difference in behavior really ought to alert the Libs and the World at large to the impropriety and immorality of joining with, advocating for, or even excusing the behavior of the Muslim Terrorists and their fans. Does this not show the brutality, barbarity, and evilness of these terrorists? And, in contrast, the morality, honor, and goodness of the West?