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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Orleans Family needs help

I just received this e-mail. If you can help, please do. If you cannot help financially or materially, please pray for Julia and her family.

My good friend of 25 years, a single parent with 5 children (4 from 6-13 and 1 young adult 18) just became a refugee of Katrina.

Julia and her family are temporarily staying with elderly relations in Baton Rouge. She does not wish to burden them indefinitely, and is considering relocating--possibly to Austin or elsewhere with fewer hurricanes.

I'm certain she will need a place to stay for several months, and all the household accoutrements. Right now, she and the kids need clothing. When she relocates, no doubt, she will need an internet capable computer, kitchen, bed & bath supplies, school supplies and so forth. She and her eldest boy will need to find work. (She has a college degree)

I know that she would be grateful for any help, but would not ask on her own behalf. They are a lovely family. I truly believe that any kind words or encouragement would help her through this terribly difficult time.

Right now, the damage to her home in Orleans Parish is uncertain. She has not yet been allowed back to see. Also, her 2 dogs had to be left behind. The humane society has just been let in and has a huge job getting thousands of pets out. The fate of the dogs is as of yet, uncertain.

Her e-mail is seagodling@yahoo.com,

Cell phone (it is still nearly impossible to get through) 504-450-0618. Her name is Julia Murphy.

If she can’t be reached, I can provide some more info as well at cspt2@sbcglobal.net.

Thank all you wonderfully kind folks out there! You give me hope.


Austin, TX 78704