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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Celebs Step Up Efforts at Idiocy

More celebrity idiocy, in a story entitled Celebs Step Up Efforts for Katrina Victims:

One of New Orleans' most iconic natives, legendary bluesman and boogie woogie pianist Dr. John said in a statement: "If anybody in the government would've done something about the disappearing wetlands for the past 50 years, then this probably wouldn't have been as bad."

"It makes me think of what my friend Rev. Goat just told me, `Let me say this before it goes any further, New Orleans didn't die of natural causes, she was murdered.'"
Hmmm, correct me if I am wrong, but I highly doubt that even if the wetlands were completely surrounding New Orleans, the city would have been safe. See, this was a HUGE hurricane and flood. In general, forests, wetlands, deserts, etc., are not immune to natural disasters.

And, "Dr. John," you are basically saying your beloved city of New Orleans ought not to have been built where it was. So, really, you've only got yourselves to blame? If New Orleans was murdered, rather than died of "natural causes," who did the murdering? The people who built there?

Kanye West, who drew headlines for his anti-Bush, race-charged comments on a NBC telethon Friday, received support from other celebrities.

"I'm not a fan of (President Bush), so I let out a big cheer (over West's comments)," Matt Damon told syndicated entertainment show "Access Hollywood." "So this guy with his moment on live TV made a statement that hopefully, now Bush will come out and address (the issue)."

Rapper David Banner, who will hold a benefit concert Sept. 17 in Atlanta through his "Heal the Hood" foundation, has also come to West's defense.

"I'm glad Kanye said what he said on NBC," Banner says in the upcoming issue of Ozone magazine. "The President never gave a damn about black folks."
Well, I'm not a fan of Matt Damon's, so I let out a big cheer when I read that his latest pathetic excuse for a movie, The Brothers Grimm fell to 5th place after only two weeks. Very grim.

And exactly what proof do these morons have that the President doesn't care about black people? Why are Liberals allowed to lie about anything they want to?

I saw a re-run of the NBC telethon on Friday night. Kanye West sound like a complete idiot. Perhaps if he had not allowed his emotions to overrun him he would have come across in a more reasoned manner. Rather, he sounded like a teenager who cannot control his angst. Not exactly compelling.

And what is it with these dumb Libs and letting out "big cheers"? Are they following in Howard Dean's shoes?