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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why not just pick the best candidate?

AP: Bush: List for Second Vacancy 'Wide Open'---

WASHINGTON - President Bush said the list of possibilities for his second Supreme Court nomination was "wide open" Tuesday as Senate Republicans urged him to consider a woman and Democrats pressed him to consult with them before making his next pick.
Specter and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas — who will be the Senate's No. 3 Republican next year — said Bush should choose a woman since O'Connor's retirement would leave only one woman on the court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

"Two women, I think, are a minimum," Specter said.
For heaven's sake! Who cares how many women are on the Supreme Court?!? The President shouldn't pick a woman just for the sake of having two women on the court. What an idiotic idea.

No one should listen to Arlen Specter, of all people. He's basically a complete R.I.N.O.

Several senators suggested the president should wait before making any new selection public, given that the Senate is working on relief for the hurricane-stricken Gulf Coast as well as Roberts' nomination. "We've got more than a full plate right now," said John Cornyn, R-Texas.
So the Senate can only handle so much at one time? That certainly explains a lot. Perhaps we have the wrong people as public servents, if they can't multi-task.

"I think you should do one nomination at a time, even though it would be nice to know who the president is thinking of," added Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

Democrats urged Bush to talk with them before replacing O'Connor, who sometimes has sided with more liberal justices.
Thanks, Schumer, but no thanks. If you can't handle the intellectual requirements of approving more than one nominee at a time, then perhaps you ought to retire. I really don't think we ought to give the Dems too much time to prepare ad hominem attacks against our nominees. They are mean enough spontaneously.

And, since we won the Election (actually, the last 3), we don't need to "talk with" the Dems before deciding on a nominee. We won, you see. And to the victor goes the spoils.

I hope the President remembers that.