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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Deny, Deny, Deny

AP: Saddam Lawyers Don't Recognize Trial Date---

AMMAN, Jordan - Saddam Hussein's lawyers won't recognize the Oct. 19 start of the former leader's trial because they claim they have not been notified of the date by the Special Iraqi Tribunal, the attorneys said Wednesday.

The lawyers "will not recognize any date for the trial if it comes within weeks or months," said Khalil Dulaimi, Saddam's Iraqi lawyer, in a statement from Baghdad.

Dulaimi did not specify what the defense lawyers will do if no notification has been served by the time the trial opens.

Another Saddam lawyer, Britain-based Abdel Haq Alani, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from France that the legal team "must be served notice stating a trial date and that hasn't happened."
Saddam's just lucky no one has put a bullet through his head, rather than allow him a trial. He deserves no more than that, for all the evil he has done.

I daresay Saddam's lawyers are beginning as they mean to go on: by denying the truth of the matter.

Dulaimi said Saddam's "rights are being gravely violated by the American and Iraqi authorities" and he claimed the ousted leader was being "prevented from exchanging legal documents with his lawyers."

No "attorney-client confidentiality is respected" during meetings between Saddam and his defense team, said Dulaimi, who added that he was not allowed to review the indictment against his client or any other court evidence.

Dulaimi also claimed that all his requests made to Iraqi or American officials "remain unanswered."
Oh, how horrible for Saddam. I guess he thinks he ought to have rights that the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people he killed did not have. They were not even allowed fair trials (or probably any trail at all in most cases). They weren't given attornies, so no need for "attorney-client confidentiality." Though, their deaths are basically confidential, as their families were not told where they were taken or buried. And obviously their "requests" for mercy and their lives were not answered, since we have found numerous mass graves containing their bodies.

Woe is Saddam! He's stuck in a cell quite unlike his palaces, without people to wait on his every whim, without his French cronies and friends like Sean Penn and George Galloway to fawn over him. Quite unbearable!